Precisely Engineered Metric Gears

The largest selection of stock metric gears are available here at KHK USA Inc.

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Custom Made Metric Gears Since 1935

KHK has invested 80 years into the production of metric gears. This dedication to one product has resulted in the sourcing world class equipment and training of personnel in world class production methods. The videos below detail some of the daily activities on the factory floor.

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KHK USA offers 3 Day Factory Direct Shipping

KHK USA offers shipment of over 6,000 stock metric gear products directly from the Japan warehouse to your USA location within 3 business days for a service fee of only US$ 25.00. No freight costs, no customs charges!!! Please contact us at 516-248-3850 today to discuss the details



Shape Changes to Certain AGF and CG series of Worm Gears

January 30th, 2016 - Kohara Gear has changed the shape of several worm wheels to remove the trepanning groove in the face of these gears.

The gears that are affected are: AGF2.5-40R1, AGF3-40R1, AGF5-30R1 & AGF6-30R1. For these worm wheels, the old shape of H9 has been changed to H8.

Also changed are: CG1-60R1, CG1-80R1, CG1-100R1, CG1-120R1, CG1.5-50R1, CG1.5-60R1, CG1.5-80R1, CG1.5-100R1, CG2.5-30R1, CG2.5-30R2, CG2.5-30L1 & CG2.5-30L2. For these worm wheels, there old shape of HB or H2 has been changed to H1.

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What is a metric gear?

Traditionally metric means a measurement method based on meter, but when used in sentences as metric gears, it means the sizes of gears are based on the pitch (size) in the unit called module (m).  When the unit of module is used, the pitch can be computed as the multiple of π.  For example, if the module is 2, the pitch is  6.2832mm, and if the module is 3, the pitch is 9.4248mm.

Module is set to be the unit to indicate the pitch of the gear teeth by ISO, but there are other units such as DP (diametral pitch).  Also, while module is internationally widely used, DP is still heavily used in the US and Great Britain, but DP can be converted to module by the formula, module = 25.4/DP.

As mentioned before, gears using module as the unit of pitch is called metric gears, but, on the other hand, gears using DP as the unit of pitch are called imperial gears.  The difference between metric and imperial gears is in length units, however while tools such as hobs and shafts, etc. differ in sizes, production processes such as teeth cutting and grinding, manufacturing equipment such as hobbing machines and AISI and SAE specified materials do not fundamentally differ between the two.  While the majority of gear manufacturers in the US make imperial gears, KHK is making metric gears as its main products.