Discontinuation of certain CB, SB, SMS, MBSA & MBSB Series Bevel Gear Products

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7th, 2017 - Kohara Gear has chosen to discontinue offering certain CB & SB series Bevel Gear combinations. Additionally, certain models of the SMS, MBSA & MBSB series Spiral Bevel Gears are also being discontinued. The CB & SB Bevel Gears that are begin discontinued are being replaced equivalent SBY series gears. The SMS, MBSA & MBSB Spiral Bevel Gears that are being discontinued will be available going forward but only on a custom, made-to-order basis. The minimum lot size for the made-to-order bevels will be 25 pieces of each gear. 

Old Catalog Number        Alternate Part Number

CB6-3015                ->    SBY6-3015

CB6-4020                ->    SBY6-4020

CB8-4020                ->    SBY8-4020

SB8-2040                ->    SBY8-2040 

CB6-4515                ->    SBY6-4515

CB8-4515                ->    SBY8-4515

SB8-1545                ->    SBY8-1545

CB4-6015                ->    SBY4-6015

CB5-6015                ->    SBY5-6015

SB5-1560                ->    SBY5-1560

CB6-6015                ->    SBY6-6015

CB8-6015                ->    SBY8-6015

SB8-1560                ->    SBY8-1560 

Discontinued SMS Series items:

SMS1.25-20L   SMS1.25-20R    SMS1.25-25L    SMS1.25-25R    SMS1.25-30L    SMS1.25-30R

Discontinued MBSA & MBSB items:

MBSA1-2030L   MBSB1-2030L   MBSA1-3020R   MBSB1-3020R

MBSA1-2040L   MBSB1-2040L   MBSA1-4020R   MBSB1-4020R

MBSA1-1545L   MBSB1-1545L   MBSA1-4515R   MBSB1-4515R

MBSA1-1845L   MBSB1-1845L   MBSA1-4518R   MBSB1-4518R

MBSA1.5-2030L   MBSB1.5-2030L   MBSA1.5-3020R   MBSB1.5-3020R

MBSA1.5-2040L   MBSB1.5-2040L   MBSA1.5-4020R   MBSB1.5-4020R

MBSA1.5-1545L   MBSB1.5-1545L   MBSA1.5-4515R   MBSB1.5-4515R

MBSA1.5-1845L   MBSB1.5-1845L   MBSA1.5-4518L   MBSB1.5-4518R