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KHK offers several other products that are gear related. Included in this section are ratchets & pawls, involute splines & bushings, gear couplings and gear assembly demo kits. Our ratchets & pawls are designed for use in preventing reverse rotation of your mechanism. The ratchets are offered with and without hubs. All of the ratchets that we offer allow for secondary operations such as opening the bore, adding of keyways, adding of tapped holes, and the reduction of the hub diameter to be performed. Our offering also includes products which have already had some of these secondary operations completed. These products are identified by a "J" in their part number and they are available within 10 calendar days.

The KHK involute splines & bushings are designed to the JIS D 2001:1959 (Flat Root Side Fit) standard. Available from stock in carbon steel, these products can be re-machined to fit your requirements.

Our gear couplings are designed as a 3 piece assembly. By selecting two distinct hub ends, you can mate them with the inner hub to form a gear coupling with dissimilar bores.

The gear assembly demo kits are fully functional educational knockdown kits that can be used to teach about the various mechanics of different gear assemblies. Unfortunately, these kits are not suitable for use in industrial automation applications.

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